graphic design

our designs influence people and increase your engagement

Great design is at the heart of Krayon. The energy in our design studio is contagious and the standard is seriously high. Think of us for logo design, branding, identity, print, packaging, displays, advertising, web and production.

Our graphic design team have extensive experience across a vast range of industries. Our clients extend from construction, recruitment, entertainment, media, management and many others.

web development

we design and build websites that revolve around conversion oriented design

We craft every website design in our Southampton studio. None of our clients’ work goes out to third parties or contractors overseas.

For us, it’s very important to achieve a balance between content and visual aesthetics. We believe that successful design is achieved through knowledge, imagination and most of all great communication.

We explain why we have created your websites design the way we have, and how we would see it working to achieve your business goals


design provides the powerful symbols that reflect your brand

Are you a new brand or an established brand seeking a refresh? Simple branding. Complex branding. Sub branding. This is where the design happens. We can produce all your branding requirements including brand strategy, logo design, naming, brand identity and brand guidelines. Branding is about making the most of every opportunity. You want your customer to choose your brand over any competitors. Working together, we will learn about your brand, vision, mission, objectives, customers and market.

Here are a few guilds that can help get you started…


Emotions Guide

Brand Identity Guide